After The Sign of Three, I’ve been seeing a lot of squeeing because Johnlock are basically canonically sexually/romantically attracted because wow, that was a lot of overt flirting and declaring of love. I’ve also seen a lot of anger…

This is amazing.



Not that anyone necessarily cares, but I think getting my anxiety out will help:

Here’s why I think I feel so anxious about HLV.

I don’t mind tragedy. I really don’t. SoT was tragic, beautiful and tragic.

But they gave us so much in SoT in regard to:

  1. the J/S relationship being based on…




Mid0nz’s excellent discussions of the photography of the new season and its artistic inspiration notwithstanding, I think that there’s an emotional element to the portrayal of 221B this season that is most interesting. Especially in SoT, where…

Could someone elaborate on this, please? Don’t have enough background to know why green symbolizes gay…


Johnlock—it’s not just for fans anymore. (Sherlock SPOILERS)




You know, I have never been one to actually buy into fannish ships.  I mean, they’re fun to run with, and it’s fun to take things from the show and reinterpret them with a different spin.

But really and truly, I had not, previous to this season, believed that Sherlock and John canonically had a Thing.  When the writers called ‘no homo,’ I believed them.

But after this episode, I no longer ship Sherlock and John ‘fannishly.’  I no longer buy the writers’ insistence that these characters are not attracted to each other.  I don’t think it’s the people who want a queer reading they’re lying to.  I think the ones they’re lying to are the homophobes they (or the BBC) are afraid they’d upset with an explicit queer relationship.

Fine, we may never see them snogging explicitly on screen.  But it’s IN THE TEXT.

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This has come across my dash about twelve times tonight, and every single time I have passed it on and told myself it was better not to get involved. But every time I see it, it just makes me more angry, and well for better or worse, I guess I am saying something, especially after seeing it reblogged with affirmative tags over and over and over again, times almost 3000, at the point of this writing. 

It’s really, truly fine however you choose to interpret their relationship, fanon or canon or etc, I certainly have no reason to argue that point as it is in the end, a matter of opinion. What I take issue with in this point is this:

There is a point at which ‘queerbaiting’ becomes a ludicrous concept, a point at which you are no longer making a joke, but making reality in your story. 

I fail to understand how queerbaiting is a “ludicrous concept” when it is so clearly being practiced throughout this entire series and even more so in Season 3, in my opinion. All of the many, many examples that you cited point to queer subtext, yes, absolutely, I agree…totally queer. But just because John didn’t loudly exclaim to all of god’s green earth that he was “not gay” in this episode doesn’t mean that the Sherlock tradition of rampant queerbaiting is broken. 

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MidOnz suggested that someone should make a master list of Sherlock meta. That sounded like a good idea—and like something I could do. So here’s a link to my Sherlock Meta Recs List.

Right now it’s mostly a (still too incomplete) list of metas. Over time I hope to add…





This is the piece that’s referenced when John’s preparing to watch the DVD, from approximately the midway point on. John’s four piano notes are here, but they’re expanded on and - I can’t talk about music to save my life, but, they’re joined by Sherlock’s strings - interwoven until the two of them are together… god, this breaks my heart. From about the 3/4 point is when we get to the bit that’s specifically referenced in the minisode.


It’s just a bit of this referenced in the minisode. Interestingly, it’s without strings altogether - John’s piano goes on its variation, but without Sherlock’s strings (there is a bass…sigh). BUT, when he’s watching the video (when he’s watching the video sob I’m not crying shut up) John’s theme is played on strings. STRINGS. JOHN’S THEME IS PLAYED ON STRINGS. Fuck.

And at the beginning of the John’s theme section, it’s solo string. This took my breath away.